GOD MAKES A WAY when there seems to be NO WAY

(RHEMA WORD (1/18 / 2016) “I know your desires, hopes and the cravings of your heart. I know your nature, gifting and abilities, and know what is best for you. You could pursue those things which are superficial or unimportant, but instead desire the greater things which I have for you. There may seem to be open doors which appear to be logically right, but is not right for you. It is not for you to know the future, nor to anticipate what is best through your own logic and common sense.
It is best to acknowledge that I Am God, who makes a way, when there seems to be no way. And I can open doors, even when they seem impossible to open. Do as you are doing, and at the right time I will make that which seem confusing and unclear, clear, obvious and concise. And don’t jump ahead of Me, and to avoid making foolish mistakes. When decisions seem obscure and unclear, don’t try to force thing, or try opening locked doors to make things happen.
When circumstances are right, I will open the door, and make it obvious that this is the way you should go. I know this isn’t natural for you, nor for most people, but it is necessary for you to be able to walk by faith, and not by sight. You may not be given an answer or solution until the last moment. But when the clear and obvious proper, confirmed answer comes, don’t hesitate to act, and move according to My will.
Remember that I know the future and what will happen, and when. These are specific opportune timing and seasons, when those who are Mine are lead into action according to their ordained timing and purpose, for training and refinement, and also to accomplish My overall victorious purpose, by operating in and through them.
The dark forces and the elite tars of the world, are attempting to implement their plans, but they are not hidden from My sight, and knowing the future, I know the perfect timing to reap the best overall results for all who are Mine, who are being lead, and walking according to My purpose. Those who are Mine, will be given the greatest opportunity of all times.
Through foreknowledge, I will cause My chosen to prosper, having ears to hear and eyes to see, will respond aggressively through the insight and power of My Spirit, where nothing shall be impossible, and timing perfect to overcome and defeat the powers of darkness, making them a degraded spectacle, before all the abused of creation upon the earth, and above the earth.
Change your perspective and negative pyridine of coming calamity. This will become an opportunity to shine. You were created to be eternal, Christ like, a new creation, with great power and authority flowing in and through you, to be able to defeat all the powers of darkness who try to come against, and defeat you. Wake up! All creation has been waiting for your day.
My coming is soon, and My Spirit will remain forever with you, for all eternity, because you have chosen Me as I have chosen you to be forever My children with My Spirits DNA operating in and through you, in the likeness of who I AM. Realize who you are, and what you can be as My Chosen from the beginning, to become one together in unity and purpose, through The Son.
Put on your armor and the whole shield of FAITH, and don’t take it off, knowing who you are, with all wisdom and guidance coming from ME, who is forever in you, forever refining, and guiding you through and into My Spiritual Wisdom to do, and accomplish The Fathers will.”