Dave’s Testimony

I was born 1949, in Chicago, Illinois, but raised primarily in Southern California, the oldest of a Baptist Preacher / Builder, with a brother and four sisters and a non-working mother. According to scripture, when Israel becomes a nation, it will be the last generation, before the return of Christ. It seems, with all considered, I was created for such a time is this. As a preacher’s son, in my early teens in the 1960’s, I felt as an outcast, not fitting in with the majority of my age group. Because of this, I rebelled against my Christian upbringing, to fit in, and be accepted in typical group settings, and hiding my wayward activities from my parents. Looking hind-site, It seems logical that the Devil and his dark forces, target Christian leadership and their families, because it causes collateral damage toward Gods kingdom, which affects many. Past sins, generational curses, and a lack of Gods spiritual covering, and power, allows access to demonic infiltration. In this regard, I was being targeted by the powers of darkness. Even though my parents had good intention, they were flawed and imperfect, as everyone else, including many professing Christians, which lack spiritual empowerment, and the fruits of the spirit. I’m not discrediting them, but considering that there was a lack of the Holy Spirits’ supernatural empowerment working within our lives. It was, instead, self motivated Christianity, under our own power, which didn’t seem to work.

When I was old enough to drive, I quit going to church and became more wayward. As a Baby bummer of the hip generation, I embraced sex, drugs, rock and roll. It was the coming of The Age of Aquarius, Wood Stack, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the enticement of mind altering psychedelic drugs, occult practices, famous personalities, and music and movie media organizations which promoted these things. In 1968, I became an art major in college, knowing that this was my true talent, gifting, and having a creative mind. Sexual promiscuity and psychedelic drug tripping became a glamorized experience. To enhance my creativity and my intrigue to explore the mysterious unknown, I was allured for a season, even painting in trances, and allowing occult powers to operate through me. After obtaining an AA degree in 1970, I tried to transfer to another collage, but lacked credits, and was drafted by the Army, which lasted only six months due to a previous athletic injury, and was discharged. After this began my awakening.

I had opened doors, gateways or portals to a malignant spiritual dimension and its inhabitants, called the Demonic realm. These demonic powers of darkness can enter your mind, soul, and your physical body toward total overpowering oppression. These supernatural powers can work in you, through you, and even for you. But are you willing to sell your soul for these powers? I had experienced these things, and know that they are real. But because of my past Christian teaching, I realized what I had done, and what was happening was scaring me. Drugs and potions are used, in connection to witchcraft, to alter the mind and open doors to other dimensions of awareness, altering reality, and making it possible for the dark spiritual powers to inter and corrupt our soul. Sharing my experiences with a Christian friend, deliverance was arranged, and took place with his Pastor. After an exorcism, I was warned that the demonic forces would try to return. And when they did, I was told to, ‘claim the blood of Jesus,’ and tell them; ‘I now belong to Jesus, and they must leave.’ Sure enough, all night long they kept coming back until daybreak. This wasn’t the end of Satan’s attempt to get me back. But at least I understood what I was up against. This battle lasted for decades, having made mistakes, poor choices, causing serious effects and consequences. In 1971, I heard about, and attended a hippie type Church in Costa Mesa, California, called Calvary Chapel. Knowing that I had to make sure I was truly saved and born again, I asked Jesus into my life.

In the following months, I met my wife, and mother of our four children. Living together before marriage, an unplanned pregnancy occurred. Foolish and ignorant of the consequences, I insisted that she should abort, which lead to prolonged emotional scars, and her resulting health problems. Shortly after this we were married. Together we decided that I should finish my college education, and change my major to architecture, of which past numerous design awards had been achieved. A month before school started, my wife had to be hospitalized, which meant that I would have to abandon collage. The only option considered was to return to southern California, work heard to save enough money working construction, in order to return to college. 1973, no money has been saved, our first child was on the way, and hopes to return to collage were dissipated. 1973 my wife and I attended a church service at Melody-land Christian Center, Anaheim, California. A young speaker, Mario Murillo, gave a message on Gods calling for the youth; which convicted my heart. Now at age 24, married, and confused about the future, my wife and I went forward. During the counseling, a prophetic rhema ward was given to me; of which the secrets of my heart was revealed. I couldn’t hold back the tears, knowing that this was a genuine word from God. It was clear that God had a calling on my life, which was a different direction than I previously planned. Ultimately He was leading toward ministry, but I was unsure of the specifics. I felt that this truly was a special time and a season that God wanted me to attend ‘The Melody land School of Theology.’ But I had a problem; how to pay for the schooling?

A miracle took place, which began in 1970, which I neither recognized nor understood until September 1973. The miracle came together like a puzzle. My parents didn’t understand me, or the 60’s generation. So, instead of following the ways, and advice of my parents, I chose a charismatic church, which promoted the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. In those days they were called Jesus People, and even Jesus freaks. During this time of transition, I spent time counseling with my Swedish grandparents, primarily my grandmother, who had never stopped praying for me. One day she shared that she going to have a serious operation, which she believed could be fatal. And after the operation she shared a vision experienced: She was getting on a train, which would take her to heaven, but the conductor stopped her, and said it was not yet her time. I later found out that her heart had stopped, but the doctors were able to revive her.

A year had elapsed when I shared with her about attending Melody land School of Theology. Her response was extremely positive, and she agreed that I should attend there. She then asked; “How much will it cost?” Knowing why she was asking, I responded; “grandma, I don’t want something, for nothing.” She responded; “then you do a painting to hang over my bed.” So I agreed, and was given the tuition for school. Shortly after that, I began the painting, but lacked the inspiration to complete it. Before school began, some of the Instructors and students were having a retreat in the mountains, to seek the Lords guidance and direction, and also to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I decided to attended, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. After returning, and filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I completed the painting. Excited, I tried to contact my grandmother, to show her the completed painting. But she was spending time with my parents at their vacation home. That night, my parents called, informing me that grandma was rushed to the hospitalized, and in critical condition. My wife Norma and I rushed to the hospital, but she passed away that evening. As I was driving back to my home, the Lord brought to my memory all the pieces of the puzzle, which had transpired in my life, and the special relationship I had with my grandmother. God had kept her alive a little longer for my sake, to give me the counseling that I needed, and to confirm and help me in my time of need. As I thought over these things, my tears began to flow. Then I remembered; realizing that the exact time of her heart attack, was the same time I finished the painting. Amazed, I also realized the painted subject matter was prophetically inspired by the Holy Spirit, which predicted and displayed her eternal destiny. The image was a portal opening, and on the other side was Heavens New Jerusalem, with beams of light radiating out from it, which illuminates a rocky plain leading up to it. I became overwhelmed. It’s prophetically inspired content, predicts what was to come. I could hardly contain my feelings, praising God, and acknowledging that He had kept her alive an extra year for my sake. I became so emotionally overwhelmed; I had to pull over to the side of the road and cried profusely.

From that point on God began to show the prophetic nature of His calling on my life. But just like Moses, it often takes decades in obscurity, to be seasoned in the wilderness, for the latter years to become effective for ministry. The painting was the first of a series of similar images which I call, passing or slipping through dimensions, which represents birth or a spiritual portal. The painting was named: ‘The Ends Beginning,’ because it was the end of this life, and the beginning of her eternal life.

From that point, I’m witnessing the prophetic nature of God the Holy Spirits inspiration in creation, as Inspired Visual Parables. And also the prophetic gifting available to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. And also how we are to live and operate in the inspiration, illumination and power of the Holy Spirit. The truth will make you free. If you have ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, and allow Him to lead you into all truth as scripture says, you will not be lead astray, and become confused by the doctrines of men. What is your priority in beliefs and reality? Is it credentials, or is it personal life giving intimacy with the God of all creation, giving us abundant life throughout all eternity? Knowledge doesn’t bring peace but the Power of the Holy Spirit does. I was growing in spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit, which was on the cutting edge of the Charismatic movement, and the manifestation of supernatural spiritual gifts of the New Testament Church of Acts.
I was becoming exposing to different perspective, of the supernatural God of all Creation, where nothing is impossible. Success or accomplishment wasn’t about hard work or any great talents or abilities which we possess. True success, is based on our submission, and dependence to an all knowing, all powerful God. Success is not based in money or fame; but in fulfillment of our calling, and designed purpose by God our Creator. Talents, abilities, sensitivity and skills, are a gifts from God, especially suited for our calling and purpose for life, and not coincidence. God gives sensitivity and reveals “True Creativity” to those who he chooses. The only pure and unadulterated creativity comes from “God the Creator Artist,” who draws all creativity and inspiration from himself, which is pure creativity. We live in His artistic expression of His creation, which brings inspiration of His revelation. At best we are only imitators of our creator. Gods’ illumination, through the Holy Spirit, gives inspiration and revelation. As an artist I sought the purest form of creative inspiration. After finishing theological training, I was determined to use my art paintings to draw people to the truth of Jesus Christ.

The greatest response to my paintings came from people with a background in the occult and eastern religions. At that time, it was also the grass roots to The New Age Movement. It wasn’t a total surprise, because many of my early paintings on exhibition, and before were painting under the influence of demonic spirits. I had opened a door to dark forces, and it scared me into becoming a Christian. In more recent times, I thought I would become a light, to show other occult followers the true light. Instead of moving in traditional channels of ministry, I went out on my own quest, feeling justified, but isolated from mainstream Christianity. In the 1970’s, it seemed that few Christians in North America had an understanding of eastern religion, and their beliefs. Nor did they understand their thinking, and the type of people they were. Few Christians I knew would even consider pursuing eastern religion as a mission field. I was like the masked Lone Ranger of Christianity. At that time the New Age Movement wasn’t recognized, or at least under that title.  And my art paintings predated the the new age movement, but many moving in that direction were attracted to the paintings style and content.

It wasn’t long before my consultants, agents, promoters and loyal patrons were all part of the same crowd. They were aware of the spiritual connection incorporated in the painting in both the old and the new paintings. Through art shows, promoters, consultants and art gallery exhibitions, I was exposed to many connections and avenues which caused contradiction in my views toward art. Little did I realize the strategic stronghold Satan holds in most facets of the arts? The last most progressive agents promoting my artwork were from Scientology; founder L. Ron Hubbard. who is connected with Jack Parsons, and Alejster Crowley, Occult, Luciferians, eastern religion, Hollywood, witchcraft, stars and rockers, etc. I was naive and blind to Satan’s gradual manipulation, drawing me into his snare. I was nearing the turning point, of my big break of international exposure. Unfortunately the lure of success, wealth and fame, has an intoxicating effect on me, to reach for the stars, motivated by pride, to gain fame, and fortune. I was losing my way, and forgetting my spiritual roots and the true source of inspiration. The concept I had about receiving pure creativity from God was right, but my personal and spiritual life wasn’t. Instead of being a light, I was intermixing with agents of darkness. They had put me on a pedestal, and were feeding my ego. Consumed with my craving for fame and fortune, I had not considering the enormity of Satan’s control of the art field, and the kingdom of the cults, and occults. Without spiritual protection, and reinforcement by the Church body behind me, I was asking for trouble. It wasn’t long before I began a gradual spiritual decline into Satan’s traps of manipulation, deceptive, leading to bondage and control, without even realizing that it was happening. After seminary, I started with an enthusiastic spiritual vision, and a heartfelt zeal, but gradually it began to erode away by the strategic trickery of Satan.

We are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices, so that we might be able to combat against them. The power of Darkness understands ego and pride, and knows how to take advantage of those who have weakness in these areas. Satan’s’ minions took advantage of my ego and pride regarding art. My thoughts, my fantasies, my justification, and the motivating words of others were pumping up my ego: “You can be famous and wealthy as a modern day artistic prophet.” Then Satan uses justification and compromise. “Being an artistic prophet is your ministry, to show people in the occults and eastern religion, visionary ultra dimensional art, which they can relate to.”  Art was becoming my god, fame and fortune was becoming my objective. In essence, I was abandoning my earlier ministry calling, to pursue art professionally. In my spiritual pride, I justified my actions, by believing that my ministry was to be an artistic prophet; with a new approach which would make me rich and famous. It was becoming obvious, during those years, instead of me bringing them up to the true light of Christ; it was the powers of darkness, and those within Lucifer’s circle of influence who was dragging me down to the pit. The very dark forces who had corrupted me in my early adult youth, from which I was delivered, wanted me back.

1976 became my most productive season artistically. During that time, an employee of Barnsdall Park Art Museum, who loved my paintings, set up an appointment for me to meet the Museum director. After meeting the director I was given a private tour of the present art exhibit being displayed, and told that they were chosen as some of the best, cutting edge contemporary artists, and art pieces in Southern California. There were paintings done in blood, sculptures of trash, and others with evil, discussing, gut wrenching images. I was told that my paintings were too pretty to be considered serious art. Confused I asked the question: ‘How many of these artists sell their art?’ The response was that; ‘true art expression, makes an impact, and should move you. Sale-ability shouldn’t matter.’ Then I asked; ‘How do the artists make a living?’ At first her response listed ordinary professions, but lastly she stated that the majority of artists were professionals in the art related fields, such as college Art professors, teachers, critics, writers and related educators. Then I began to see the big picture. As the saying states: Art is in the eye of the beholder. But with today’s perspective, it should be rephrased to say; Art is in the eyes of the controllers. The controllers dictate what art is; and they control many of the primary means of mass exposure for the arts. If the so called artwork is evil, spiritually corrupted, deprived, negative, disgustingly, sexually polluted, promoting death instead of life, you could logically conclude, that the agenda being promoted are images characteristic of an anti-Christ influence. You can also conclude that the deck has been stacked, and it becomes obvious who controls! Or who will be given an opportunity to climb the ranks toward recognition and success. The art field is without doubt, primarily controlled by those who have an agenda leaning toward the powers of darkness. Its obvious and  evident by the art works being displayed, and its easy to see the resulting artwork financed, produced, and promoted by those controlling the elitist governmental system. In other words, Artist that don’t meet their criteria, are given no opportunity for public exposure, or recognized, which could lead to a financial opportunity and potential success. This also means that uplifting, positive, godly inspired art work is blackballed in the public arena, as is all facets of true traditional Christianity. Unfortunately many Church groups and organizations tend to reject and also blackball innovative or creative art that doesn’t fit their mold of so called Christian art. I was commonly called a New Age Artist, by church goers. My response would be, ‘what is New Age Art,’ and when did it start? I would tell them that my paintings predate the New Age Movement, and that my inspiration comes from God the Holy Spirit. And if my artwork attracts the attention of those in the New Age Movement, then I praise God for that. Apparently, many professing Christians are naive and ignorant in art, and also not considering that God is the ultimate Creator Artist, and Satan is the Imitator of the Creator, that corrupts and distorts Gods perfect, and beautiful creation. The difference is live or death, day or night.

Around 1977 God had given me a powerful night vision, which changed my life: ‘I was standing in a line, getting ready to go on a stage. When it came to my turn, an angelic being brought me up on to the stage. Looking around, I noticed the audience consisted of a huge number of angelic beings, which were watching me, along with others who were standing in a line getting ready to go on stage. One of the angelic beings came to me and said; ‘Now it’s your turn.’ So I walked up the steps behind the stage, and was positioned myself to center stage. Then all of a sudden as I was standing on stage, I realized that I was being attacked by spirit beings, which had been hiding in the scaffolding, above the stage. I tried to defend myself from the attacks, but couldn’t do it. All I was able to do was curl up into a ball, and plead for mercy. I was defenseless, not knowing what to do. I envisioned myself as a fish, without any defense. In the fish world, God gave each sea animal a different form of defense mechanism, to protect themselves from predators. But I had no defense, becoming easy prey to spiritual attacks. All that I could do was to cry out for mercy. When the attacks stopped, one of the angelic beings got up and walked out from the audience, and stepping up on stage. Standing in front of me, he told me that Lucifer wanted to speak to me: and he would take me to him. The thoughts were not Lucifer, the Devil, but Lucifer as a very powerful principality, who was able to open doors, and create opportunity in the art field, which had become my obsession. I was led down the stairs off stage into Lucifer’s presence. Lucifer was standing in front of me, face to face, offered me success in the area I so badly wanted. But there was a catch to his offer; he demanded my full allegiance, and dedication. When I fully comprehended his proposal, realizing what that he was asking from me was to sell my soul, in exchange for success. Without Christian roots, I may have made the wrong choice? Realizing the consequences, it was a price I wasn’t willing to pay, so I turned around and began running to the back of the auditorium where the exit was. As I was running I slipped and fell. Someone else helped me up so I could escape. Waking up, and coming out of the night vision, I was overwhelmed with how real it was. What does it mean? I began praying for understanding of its meaning. What the Lord spoke to me was: “you do not have on the full armor of God, and you are defenseless against the enemy’s forces.”

This became a major mile-stone, and a step in my wilderness journey. I wondered how a dream could change my life, and why I had to make choices, in a dream / vision state. What God showed me over time, and happened many times, is that out of the abundance of the heart, soul and subconscious mind, the mouth speaks. Our God is most concerned about the condition of our heart. In spite of the vision, I continued my art pursuits for nearly a year, trying to open closing doors, and trying to create new opportunity, with no avail. Finally in desperation I met with my close friend and mentor, Ray Friesz, a well known Laguna artist. Ray, I said, “I don’t understand what’s going on with my art. Everything is falling apart, and nothing I do, seems to work. What am I doing wrong?” He responded; “There’s nothing wrong with your paintings, you’re ambitious, and you don’t appear to be doing anything wrong. The only thing I can say is; God must want you out of art painting.” I eventually gave up my obsession, allowing God to lead me into a wilderness experience, to be properly matured and tested through Gods refining fire, to burn away the dross, to become pure gold. The pursuits of income, and surviving life, dominated my thinking, as an Architectural designer and building contractor and related fields. It wasn’t until (1989), that I understand the full implications of my potential involvement, in the beginning stages of the “New Age Movement. ” See also all Mini-Books 1-9

The wilderness experience lasted many years of basic survival, hardship and tribulation. Because of poor choices, and lost vision, I faced discouragement and lacked fulfillment. I was a professing Christian, but lacked clear understanding of how to live according to God’s Kingdom, and to live by faith. God hold us to our calling, and early commitment, even if the refining process takes many years, and requires drastic measures, to get us to the place, we need to be, in order for God to use us. He didn’t give up on me, even though I deserved it. Part of my preparation required tribulation, to be refined, with white garments for the return of Christ. Many within the westernized Christian Church are deceived and unwilling to face tribulation, which develops spiritual refinement. And many anticipate an escape from God’s judgment upon world. But for those of us, who’ve been stripped from those things which the word considers security, knows that we’ll all have to face tribulation, to become usable vessels; even if it happens in the ladder years of our life. For me the wilderness experience has been more than 30 years, and for me there will be no retirement, but God has given me good health, and my ultimate desire is to serve my God with all my heart, soul and might. I am the last generation, who desires to make up for lost time, and making ready for the return of Christ. I feel like Moses who fled from Egypt, to be seasoned in the land of Midian 40 years. But in his ladder years, he was activated to make up for lost time, by leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt, made ready to enter the Promised Land 40 years. A land of new beginnings, and a season referred to as the Sabbath Millennium, where Christ shall rule and reign.

In the middle to later 1990’s God gave me revelation and understanding of what the end times remnant church would be like, which is expressed in several of my books, which describe the misfits that joined forces with David in the wilderness, before becoming a concurring King of Israel. Those same disconnected ones became David’s mighty undefeated warriors, as it also shall be at Christ’s second coming. My books have become written testimonies, and how to prepare for the return of Christ. David’s linage Jesus the Christ shall also be the concurring King of kings and the Lord of lords. And His misfits shall be the concurring, last days, remnant church. At the same time there will be an apostate Church, lead by those leaders in the likeness of king Saul of Israel, who lost the anointing of the Holy Spirits, because of disobedience, rebellion and pride. Instead of stepping down; they will seek to destroy the true anointed remnant church. Scriptures describe flawed and imperfect natural people, who have accomplished great and mighty exploits. God uses imperfect people to prove that He can use anyone. He uses the weak and lesser things of the world, to confound the world’s wisdom. I too am one of these, and because of His mercy, I too can become great in His kingdom. See Mini-Book: ‘Discovering God’s Purpose and our Destiny’ pgs 7-16