Book Three

Illuminated Inner Caverns

Illuminated Inner Caverns
All my painted visual images are done from the perspective of being in, and taking part in the painting. I was not merely an outsider looking at a vision; but I was in the vision, taking part in it, and then portraying it visually. In Illuminated Inner Caverns, the primary theme is the mind or soul, which is illuminated by the light (which represents the essence of God). The larger opening represents the eye of man, through which he receives light, vision, and is a pathway to the soul. What we allow into the eyes of our mind is determined by our true desires. We either close our eyes to the light, creating blindness; or we open them wide to receive all the light and life we can get. The perimeter strands, of the opening of the eye, symbolize roots, which is either roots of a good tree, or bad tree that eventually blocks out light. The green represents living and growing plant life. Are the roots uncorrupted, unrestricted to absorb nutrients and water from the soil for healthy growth?
The upper black darkness shows the ever presence of Satanic influence, approaching us from the outside in. It also symbolizes being lost without vision. The crimson color at the upper left refers to deepest of stains, symbolizing sin. We are looking from the outside in through the eye into a chamber representing the mind. In the back a bright light source is illuminating the mind. That light source is the Holy Spirit, coming from within us. God approaches us from the inside, (communing with our spirit)-out. While Satan approaches us from the outside (flesh)-in. The geometric formations represent barriers that obstruct and prevent the light of the Holy Spirit from illuminating every area of the mind, leaving shadow areas where darkness can creep in. Barriers are blockades as (secret sins, non-forgiveness of others, bitterness, broken heartedness, depression, past hurts and scars, emotional distortions and defenses mechanisms, bondage’s, and fears). Are we willing to allow God to remove these barriers, or will we attempt to hide them by building additional barriers, which allowing satanic strongholds that block out all light? Because this is so critical to spiritual growth, it will be later elaborated on. Our choices, priorities and lifestyle determine how much light we allowed in. The water originates from the light of the Holy Spirit. The living water cleanses as baptism, and brings life. The chessboard effect represents the concept of strategic warfare between principalities and powers, to gain control of our minds by the powers of light and the powers of darkness. The light prevails when we allow more light in. If we seal off the access of light, the dark forces can hold our minds and body in bondage, as demonic oppression, or possession. At this point, the only escape is casting out the darkness first. There is a small figure of a person (the inner man) sitting in the shadows on the right, feeling alone, depressed and isolated. He only needs to step into the light, to enter Gods peace and rest, to change things.

Receiving The Mind Of Christ

Book Three of my series Through The Veils Of The Tabernacle addresses our commitment, desire, effort, and obedience, required to pass through the second Veil into the Holy place, representing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is a place of spiritual growth of the implanted seed of God; which requires the tearing down of barriers and bondages, which prevent growth. The book also shows how to prepare ourselves for spiritual growth into the mind of Christ. The mind is the battlefield where victory or defeat is determined, and who will control our destiny?


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