Book One


The Search For Our Destiny

This is the first book in my series, Through The Veils Of The Tabernacle, which explains the process of finding how to enter God’s Tabernacle. It also illustrates how to allow God to enter the tabernacle or Temple of our body, to make it Holy.


The Pyramid

The Pyramid
The symbolism in the painting is relatively simple. The primary object is the Pyramid with pathways and steps to it, silhouetted by the light. The primary importance is not in the object but the light that’s behind and beyond it. Light has many symbolic references. God is light, light illuminates our sensitivity to see truth, it makes visible and clear our path of direction and it dispels darkness. Life needs light to exist and survive. The Pyramid is only a sign or pillar. The ultimate mystery lies in the source of light, the Creator, not that which is created.
The Great Pyramid is one of the oldest and greatest mysteries of all times. This is one of my earlier original paintings, symbolizing my search, done around 1970. The pyramid has for millennia been a focal point of intrigue and awe. Speculation of its origins and purpose are diverse, intriguing, and ultimately mysterious. To many it has become a symbol of mystery and the spiritual unknown. For me, it represented a previous quest to discover life’s purpose, a reason for living and ultimate destiny. What is truth, and who is God? Could the Pyramid be like a symbolic pointer, directing our attention to the heavens, with answers to spiritual mysteries?