Book Four

The Final Corridor

The Final Corridor
The light (of God) becomes more dominant in brightness, and brilliance. The tunnel becomes more pronounced and obvious, making the path clear and direct to God. The illuminated cloud mist represents his splendor and glory of God’s presence. From Gods’ throne a river flows, with the waters of life. The river flows over the rock of our salvation, the Lords stronghold, a solid foundation, and a refuge of stability. It also represents the earth. The four pillars represent the three dimensions of volume (L.W.D.) + (time), equaling the restraints of mans existence on earth. Also they represent the Four Corners of the earth, and the four winds. In the Tabernacle there are increments of (Four) pillars, posts, poles, with golden rings around each. Each is integrated together for its primary support. The pearl like pillars form a corridor, directing us to the throne of God, from which, the pure crystal clear river of the water of life flows. At the end of the corridor it’s like a gate, door, or entry into the spiritual dimension, where we step off the earthly Tabernacle, and begin moving toward the Heavenly Tabernacle. The pillars are golden jasper. The grid emerald flooring is also clear as glass, suspended over the river. The blue represents freedom. The Vail has been removed; the Holy of Holies is exposed to our sight, God’s glory is becoming more evident, as we move forward to see our Lord face to face.
The painting has two meanings, either entering Gods Heavenly realm after physical death, or refers to Complete and total commitment, even unto death, to obtain Gods highest calling, living as aliens in this world as the true Bride of Christ.

Receiving God’s Authority

Book four of my series Through The Veil Of The Tabernacle and it’s artwork address the approach to the Third Veil, which must be passed through before entering into the full presence of God, in the Holy of Holies.


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