End Times Overcomers – Descriptions

Today’s Westernized Church

Since Man fell into corruption, God’s redemptive plan has been for the restoration of the whole earth and mankind, to return all things as He originally intended, which is a creation that reflects the image of who He is, in perfection, love and glory. He desires to unify His saints into one body in Christ. But in order to accomplish this, changes must be made for God’s chosen people, so that they may become one in Christ, and to become more like the first century church in purpose, power, and authority, unified, and evangelistic, displaying miracles, signs and wonders to confirm the truth and reality of the gospel, and to verify that the Kingdom of God has come. A victorious Church Bride drawing all people who are lost and perishing toward salvation and redemption through Christ, who brings abundant life, hope, joy and peace. The content in the book includes briefly what the church has inherited historically, who are the church and Israel and their relationship, what is Legalism, who is the bride, the two witnesses, the Great Exodus from Babylon, the Great end gathering, the Fullness of the Gentiles, and the Harlot Church becoming a Unified Bride.