Book Two

From Death Unto Life

From Death Unto Life
The general theme is the way to the light, which involves a pathway passing through an opening, from the darkness into the light. The same general theme symbolizes birth and resurrection from the dead. A more detailed evaluation brings to light a more comprehensive parabolic picture of Gods processes, and the regeneration of man. The parameter surroundings are darkness as a tomb or a womb. The dark area represents death, bondage, blindness, emptiness and depression. Like a tomb, the stone is rolled away; the illuminating light is shining in, making a way of escape to freedom unto life. The red spots represent the shedding of blood. At the bottom right, a body, this symbolizes our body and flesh, rising from the earth, as from death, through the illuminated mist. With hands reaching up for help, we attempt to get to the opening, or door. We must pass through the water, which cleanses us, as repentance and baptism. After that, comes the rock, on which we stand, a solid foundation, were the three pillars sit. Blue, in the pillars represents freedom, at the threshold of new life. The three pillars symbolize a gate or passage that makes reference to: (1) the three persons of God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (2) The time in days, Christ spent in the tomb, before his victorious resurrection, which freed the captives from sin and death. (3) It represents “New Beginnings”, a time of redemption. In scripture, a day to God is as a thousand years, which makes Y2K the approximate date to begin, from Christ’s birth. This also seems to be the prophetic time for the thousand-year reign of Christ. After passing through the birth cannel, you begin to travel the path toward the light, just beginning sunrise. As time passes the light gets brighter, the path clearer and more illuminated. We begin a new dimension of living, free from death, and bondage that once gripped our life. Now we can draw close to the light and its warmth, as the sun (son) continues to rise.
Most of my Paintings were completed before I fully understood their meanings. Sometimes it took many years before God gave me understanding of its content. God wanted me to share; the painted visions, interpretation, and my related personal testimony with others. God wanted me to use them as a tool to reveal His mysteries in a simple and practical way. I was once ignorant and deceived; led astray into detours by the enemy (Satan).

God’s Secret Plan Revealed

This is the second book in my series Through The Veils Of The Tabernacle, explaining the process of entry into the Outer Court of God’s Tabernacle, and why death precedes The New Birth. As fruit falls to the ground, the outer flesh dies, and is buried in the ground, so the seed can grow into a new tree, with new fruit.
So also it is, in the spiritual world.


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