RHEMA WORD (12/16 / 2015) “Realize that fear is what the adversary and the powers of darkness uses against you, to control you. Remember that greater is He which is in you, than he which is in the world. Daily the news media’s are promoting violence, brutality, war and continued corruption, and evil activities, with continued negativity; which stimulates stress and fear, which corrupts clear logical thinking. Stress and fear is anti-faith, which gives the adversary control over your thinking.
If you are to overcome the powers of darkness, you must avoid those things which cause stress and fear, and replace it with learning how to trust in My faithfulness; and to live by faith, not by sight. Change your thinking and begin putting into practice what the scripture says about walking in faith. You have been given power and authority to overcome every situation, against principalities and powers of darkness, and obstacles of every kind when walking in My ways.
And when you face situations you haven’t experienced before, consider it to be an opportunity to grow in faith and spiritually mature. Where you lack, and in your weakness, I will fill in the gap, and make you more dependent upon Me. For in your weakness, I will make you strong. For I desire that all those who are Mine to learn, and to depend on My faithfulness to do as I say I will do. You are called to operate in obedience, when I make it certain, and sure.
Obedience will lead toward building up your faith in My faithfulness. I’m not referring to blind faith, your own imagination, ideas or assumptions, but a clear and sure direction, which I have given you; which I will bless and cause it to prosper. But remember that you must always have ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying. But if uncertainly exist, wait for clear direction through prayer and fasting, advise from others with wisdom and spiritual maturity.
Difficult times are coming, and few are prepared and ready to face the obstacles. Rid yourself of those things which are holding you back from becoming all that you were meant to do and be. Don’t limit yourself, but be ready to become all that you were created to be.”