RHEMA WORD (12/14 / 2015) “There are genuine seekers of truth which I have awakened who are not content with the present Christian status, seeking and desiring relationship with Me. They have been awakened, having ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying to the sleeping, Luke-worm, end time’s professing Christian church. They are seeing things differently, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, to see as I see through My perspective.
Because they are willing to be as the Bereans, who search the scripture to confirm what is true: I AM leading them by My Spirit, away from the religious hirelings who teach theories and corrupt doctrines of men, which counterfeit My truth, through denominational bios. And through spiritual discernment, I warn them to be aware of self proclaimed prophets who promote and teach the doctrines of demons.
The great falling away is taking place, with much of the established western Church unaware and unprepared for the prophetic coming of great tribulation, as it was in the days of Noah. They have been lulled to sleep through media lies and deception, by the watered down, feel good prosperity gospel of the church, administered by hireling Sheppard’s, which fear men rather than God.
The apostate church has been allured and is saturated with the corruption of Mystery Babylon, following the ways of the world, as sheep being lead to solder. Instead of the church becoming a place of conviction, repentance, restoration, and separation from the world, the opposite is taking place. The true Kingdom of God is to be separate from the way of the world, and to seek first Gods kingdom and His righteousness, and then everything else will be added unto you.
Because many professing Christians devote most of their time and devotion to materialism, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life; it has been their primary focus and dedicated primary attention. In other words, what is most important to you, and where you devote most of your time, attention, and devotion to become your God? Your heart is where your treasure is, and for this reason, be aware of what you gain and treasure most, or you may lose your own soul.
Few consider, nor take time to seek out truth, or neither do they consider the roots of the pyridine, beliefs and lifestyle they were born into and live within. All of humanity after Adam has been born into corruption, a fallen world of sin and death. What we assume to be true and right, which is the opposite life pyridine which was originally planed and created. I know and understand the reason, purpose and destiny of all creation, and the reason why you live and exist.
Creation and Scripture was inspired by My Spirit, to reveal to you who I Am, and who you can be through Me. I can and will open your ears to hear, and eyes to see through your senses to uncover truth of your created purpose for living, if you seek me with your whole heart and soul. Having been born into a corrupted world, humanity has been given an opportunity to be redeemed, and to live as I had planned from the beginning before the fall.
But the evil principalities and powers of darkness, who existed before humanity, were created to live in a perfect environment, but rebelled against Me and My ways, and fell into corruption, and caused humanity to fall through Adam in the Garden of Eden. Thus all who were born through Adam, entered a corrupted world. So a righteous God planned a means of redemption, for those who had no choice to choose, with an opportunity to be restored back to perfection.
Humanity was given an opportunity to be reborn into a new creation of an uncorrupted seed of Christ shed blood sacrifice, for the restoration of its redeemed inhabitants, who choose the kingdom of God to live as it was planned from the beginning. Because of this we are give power authority over all the principalities of darkness, and become children of God through Jesus Christ. Because of this, we are hated by the Devil and his fallen agents.”