RHEMA WORD (12/06 / 2015) “I Am teaching you patience, and how to endure to the end. Don’t give up, quit or get discouraged when results are not seen, nor objectives understood. It is not you who should be setting goals nor planning your future. It is I who opens or closes doors, showing you what you should do, and also bringing relationships into your life.
You need others, not only to help build you up to a higher level, but also for you to be able to build up others, through your lifestyle and example. It is I who leads people into your life, not only for your benefit, but also for theirs, for training and refinement into the person they are meant to be. Be also a living testimony, by your example, which reflects the character of Christ, for others to follow.
None who are Mine were ever intended to be isolated, or anti-social, but to be part of the unified body in Christ. A congregation working and living together as members, dedicated to a congregation. The adversary knows that the best way to defeat an enemy in battle is to divide and concur, also stated as; ‘united you stand, but divided you’ll fall.’
You have faced trials, tribulation, and confusion, to overcome uncertain future obstacles. This is a common situation for all who have chosen to walk in My ways, that live by faith, not by sight, which is often laced with preconceived assumptions and imaginations. You were not meant to know or understand all things, which include your future, or coming destiny. It requires trust in My faithfulness, knowing that I will be with you, and guide you in the path I’ve set before you.
That doesn’t mean that you will always do the right things or respond in the right way. But through the journey, in spite of you waywardness, mistakes and misguided direction and understanding, I will cause you to lean, and to remember My ways. The final outcome will become your alignment with My purpose, to reach your destiny. It’s like telling a young child not to touch a hot stove; but if they touch it and get burnt, they’ll surely remember not to do it again.
Trials, tribulation, hardship, difficulties, and uncertainty are all part of life, and necessary to grow in your spiritual maturity. Maturity is based in how you cope with these things, which are found and described throughout Scripture. You were created and ordained to be a over-come obstacles, but not in your power alone. Realize that Holy Spirit which dwells within you also operates through you, in power and authority. I have loved you, and chosen you to become My adopted children for all eternity.
Uncertainty about the future is a fact of life, which cause worry and fear about not knowing what might happen in your future. But who is really in control? Is it you, or your Father in heaven, who loves you, knows your future, and knows what is best for you? I Am the giver of life and control all things: Trust in Me, and I will direct your path. Change your ways, and your life style to a different pyridine, which is; ‘Thy kingdom come, and Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Your present life is merely a season of testing, preparing you for eternity future. For Humanity was created in My image, and meant to be eternally with Me. Be fruitful and multiply in all aspects of your life, which will overcome the fear, which the powers of darkness plant in your thoughts. Put your total faith and trust in Me, and you will never be disappointed. For in My kingdom plans for you, is that all things will work together for good, for those who trust Me, and are called according to My purpose.”