DISCERNMENT: Don’t Cast Your Pearls before Swine

(RHEMA WORD (1/21 / 2016) “Open up your heart, and be willing to share your feelings with those who you love, and trust. But, don’t cast your pearls before swine, to be trampled upon. Some people are able to gracefully receive love from others, while others who have become damaged, calloused and even warped, who respond in negative ways. Those people need deliverance and healing. Others have set up blockades to avoid intimacy with others.
You can pray for them, but don’t expect an immediate response in a positive way. But I can heal, for I Am the healer, to those who desire to be healed. But many have developed habits and methods to avoid or escape intimate relationships with others. To become intimate with others requires transparency and becoming vulnerable. That is exposing who they really are, with all their flaws, weaknesses and lacking.
When you desire to love and be loved, it is good. But be careful not to look for love in all the wrong places. And be careful who you share your personal, and most intimate feelings, needs and emotions with. Use discernment and wisdom, and don’t share all your personal issues with just anyone, or with every one, which can open your personal life to gossip, degradation and ridicule.
Let My Spirit first and foremost become your most intimate relationship, and when the time is right, I will lead you to another member of my body to share with, and to be held up together in prayer, and accountability together, as a spouse, or close personal friend, or both.”