Blessing others, attract Lasting Relationships

RHEMA WORD (09/04 / 2015) “Step out of your comfort zone, and be nice to everyone around you, and charitable Blessing others, attract Lasting Relationships   to all. This is how to attract others to notice you, and draw their attention. You know, that when your attention is drawn to someone, even of the opposite sex, you start looking at them differently, and seeing more than just their outward appearance, but also seeing their inward traits.  Unlike men, women are not drawn, nor attracted by merely physical appearance as men. They tend to be more discerning of the overall package. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about appearance, but it is the package, of personality and character, which gives feelings of security, which play a major role in who they choose, and desire to be with.  If you present yourself as a man of morals and character, you will be more attractive to others, and those of like-mindedness.  You don’t want to attract those who are of the wrong mindset, who are self focused takers, greedy manipulators, not willing to give or share with others. This is the corrupted attitude and ways of the world, of ‘what’s in it for them, or how will it benefit them. When blessing others becomes a passion of how to bless others, love will freely flow both to others, and returned back to you. This is the true essence of love in all aspects of life. Don’t be too anxious or aggressive to stimulate a relationship of any kind, which could scare them, thinking that you may have a sinister motive.  Always be yourself, and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Every person is different, and attracts, and is attracted to different people and things. Regarding that special one, there is a time and a season. Be nice to everyone, but don’t become overbearing. First be a trustworthy friend, and when the time and situation is right, the rest will follow.”