Generous SEED planting, reaps Abundant HARVESTS

RHEMA WORD (09/09 / 2015) “Plant seeds that can help the needs of the persecuted Christians, even in other parts of the world, because what is happening to them is coming to all who are mine. They are all mine, and planting, will reap a harvest for all who are of My kingdom.  All that you have is what I’ve give you in ability and blessings, and what you do with what you have will determine your prospering, multiplying return. Because, by the degree you generously give, it will reap a harvest in return either minimal, or multiplied and overflowing.  I can open doors and bring to you prosperity even in the hard times, or the mist of a storm. Trust Me in this and you shall receive a return. Yes you have made an attempt to prepare for what is coming, but in your own limitations.  You are limited because you can’t do much without My intervention. And you can’t in pride, boast that you, by your own effort, done great things to help others. Yes you are aware of what is coming, and even had a jump start in your preparation, but over all very little has actually been accomplished.  But self effort is not based in faith, and trust in Me and My ultimate objective for you. For it is I who can open doors and accelerate prosperity by doing it My ways. It will not be your plans, but My plans, which will prosper.  On your own you haven’t the power or authority to overcome the powers of darkness, which seeks to destroy your time, effort and resources. Yoke yourself to Me, My kingdom and Church body, and become unified together with all who are Mine.  Plant the seeds I’ve given you, and as you do this door will open and you will be linked together with many others. For it is not for you alone, but you as part of My called out remnant Church body, who hear My voice and respond to My calling.  Alone you are weak, but together with others of like-mindedness, you become spiritual army, ready to defeat the powers of darkness. Those who attempt to do things on their own will be venerable to capture by the adversary, which is the principle of divide and conquer.  Together, unified and operating in My power and authority, nothing shall be imposable. They are part of My remnant, solid military core unit of Israel, which are My sealed over-comers, prepared and ready to be victorious over the powers of darkness.   All creation has been waiting for this time and season. It is a time of being unified together as one body, with a single unified purpose. That purpose expressed by Jesus the Messiah, Yashua, The Conquering king; ‘Not my will, but Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”