RHEMA WORD (08/31 / 2015) Often in the process of prayer, and in my case written prayer, the Spirit of God takes hold of my thoughts, organizes my word, and illuminates what He wants me to pray about, and for. It becomes a spontaneity of His words flowing through me, which conveys prophetic understanding, and also conveys; thus says the Lord. This happens to be one of these prayers which I lost track of, when my thoughts became in alignment to Gods words, which were flowing through me. This is my prayer: Father, I offer to you praise, honor and glory, for you are truly worthy in every way. There is no one else like you, nor will there ever be. Who am I compared to you, the one who created me, that knows me better then I know myself. The one who knows the future, and everything in every way, because everything comes from You. Who am I to question you, and think that I can best plan my live better than You, who knows what is best for my life.  Sometimes, or should I say most times, I try to think and organize my own life, according to my own perspective, using logic and common sense to plan out things my own ways. Because of my past results, I give up trying to do everything my own ways in all aspects of my life. I give up thinking I have a better plan for my life, knowing that because you know all things, you have a better plan to fulfill my purpose and destiny.  I give up trying to force things to happen, manipulated by my own efforts. Instead I desire to have ears to hear, and eyes to see your wisdom freely flowing through me, to be my guide for the rest of my life. For you are my source of all my questions, need and solutions, not only for the major thing, but also guidance for the everyday routine issues. The biggest issue in my life is my will be done, rather than thy will be done.  “As Jesus said it: ‘not My will, but Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ In this statement is the hub of success within My kingdom, which opens doors to your future. It fits together like a puzzle that makes the maze of your life come together.  You don’t have to figure everything out through your own efforts, ability, or resources. You only have to be open to receive from your Heavenly Father, who loves you, and desires the best for you, because he knows what is best. It all comes down to; ‘whoever has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says. Wisdom is not found in your own carnal thinking, but is hearing the voice of God, and puts what He says into practice. This applies to all aspects of His words, whether scriptural principle, major decisions, or daily moment by moment guidance.   I’ve been frustrated and extremely tired of trying to figure thing, which in recent times haven’t been very successful. I’ve wasting time and effort, costing much, and doing the wrong things. Experiencing frustration and discouragement, which caused Me to lack of motivation. I had enough of this in my life! It’s obvious that I’ve been on a treadmill doing the wrong things, and reaping bad results.  I now understand and realize that I truly need the mind of Christ. That is to allow the Holy Spirit to break down the barriers that block my ears to hearing what the spirit is saying.   The Spirit is saying; give up your life, your worldly ways, and let go of self-centered, self willed and self pride, and doing things your own ways. Don’t you realize that you are not you own, but paid for, redeemed from sin and death, through the sacrificed blood of Jesus.  Give up your old ways of sin and death for My ways which reap abundant eternal life. Let go, and let God take control of your life. Seek first the kingdom, and everything else will be added unto you. In this relationship there is peace and security in letting go, and letting me take control with you and through you together. And as we do this, you obtain firsthand knowledge of My faithfulness to do what I say I will do. Faith is not what you think, feel, believe, or conger up. Faith is what you know is true, because you experience, see, and know based on consistency, reliability, and continuing ongoing reality.  Real faith is what we know is true, without doubt based on firsthand knowledge and experience. That is faith in Gods faithfulness to always do what He promises. Often faith is misused as merely believing in some religion, someone or something, which is blind faith, without substance, and hasn’t been tested or proven to be trustworthy. But to those who are willing to walk in my ways, you will certainly be tested, and through the testing by trials and tribulation, I will prove my faithful trustworthiness, that will build up your faith for even greater endives.  But don’t worry or stress when facing trials and tribulations, for I will always be in and with you, preparing you to have greater faith and do even greater things than you ever imagined. Through testing, your faith will continue to grow. It may not be easy, but it is always best.”