PERSONAL COMMITMENT builds intimacy with GOD

RHEMA WORD (08/12 / 2015) “In order to clearly hear My voice, you must be in a prayer closet, an isolated place devoid of distractions, frivolous thoughts, and of daily preparation and planning. When these and other things occupy your mind, it scatters your focus, and doesn’t allow a clear channel for the Spirit to speak.  You must isolate yourself, without ulterior motives, but to devote time to commune with Me. In this place I can be heard, and respond to your spirit, the heart of who you are, which is created in My image. Although: Sometimes I will break through the clutter of your daily activities, to grab your attention.   My objective with you and others, who seek me with their whole heart, soul and might, is consistent commitment to our personal relationship. This is what I desire, so that you may be able to know Me intimately, and through that relationship, that you may develop in the full nature of the stature of Christ, whom I can trust.  That together we may become one in purpose, operating under My power and authority to accomplish great and mighty exploits, and to fulfill your preordained destiny. Knowledge about Me should be perused, but what is most important is receiving My direct application of now needed teaching and instruction through the Holy Spirit, who leads you into all truth.  It is most important to personally know me, over merely knowing about Me from others. The Scriptures are for confirmation, and understanding of My words.  But most important is personal intimacy with the God who loves, and created you. Who gave His all to prove to us his desire to embrace us, as His own redeemed children of promise?  Know Me, and respond to Me and My ways through love rather than rules and regulations, or the laws of do’s and don’ts. In this way, it will no longer be a burden, to follow My example and ways, but instead become your heart’s desire. When you love someone, you desire to please them, and becoming an expression of your love.  Those who are My true children desire to spend time with Me, which becomes a blessing rather than a burden. When you truly know Me with a cleansed heart, and know My heart and ways, love will continue to grow. My love is selfless, giving love; when put into practice, reaps a return, multiplied and overflowing upon you.  When Love is flowing from me, through you to others, which is often returned in sincere gratitude, a full cycle is in operation, which displays the true nature of love within the Kingdom of God. When the fullness of love is exposed to those who are lost and perishing, they will see the true light of love, peace and hope, and be drawn to My Kingdom of Light, and abundant life.   Through this I will display the results of true agope love, and the fulfillment of My purpose, pattern, and plans for Kingdom of heaven, for which humanity was initially created to inhabit, and dwell within on earth. This will be a time of the greatest harvest of soul, since the creation of mankind.  The destiny I have for the end time’s remnant will display an illustration of love, and extreme sacrifice, even unto death, as an expression and illustration of being Christ like, full of love, hope and pace of Gods abundant life, now and for eternity. As evil excels into severe corruption, destruction, and killing, causing severe tribulation, and spiritual darkness, those who are Mine will continue to get brighter. Have no fear, knowing that I AM always in, and with you, because My DNA is in you through My Spirit, changing you, as I grow within you.”