PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP supercedes knowledge of GOD

RHEMA WORD (08/03 / 2015) “As you humble yourself in My sight, it opens the doors of your heart, so I will be able to commune with you in power and glory. For in that commitment and attitude you are acknowledging that it is I working through you, that can accomplish great and mighty exploits.  Newer forget that the key to our relationship together isn’t knowledge, but relationship. As you are aware, that there are many religious Bible scholars, who flaunt their credentials, and often downgrade those of lower credential standings, discredit their knowledge, understanding, and applied applications.  Those who are least in My kingdom, live by faith, dependent on my faithfulness. Thus I am close to those who are closest to Me, and they receive My supernatural power and authority, flows freely flowing through them. So who are the great one within My kingdom? Understand that a loving personal relationship is what I desire most. For this reason I will take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Like the highly educated Pharisee, who discredited Jesus and His disciples? Yet Jesus said: ‘You are of your father the Devil,’ and later He implied; the tars (counterfeit wheat) were planted by the Devil within God’s wheat field.  Personal Relationship is what keeps the door open, so that I can effectively work in and through you. Of course there will be specific issues that you will have to confront on your journey through life. This requires commitment on your part to keep channels open between us, open, receptive, and willing to work through problem areas of your life.  My words are communicated in scripture, a rhema word, dreams and visions, council by others, circumstances, discernment, prophetic wisdom, nature, and even strong feelings, jut to mention a few. All of these become faith builders, knowing that if you seek with your whole heart, soul and might, you will reach me, and I will respond. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. What really matters is what I think and how you respond and fulfill the plans I have for you.  Some may seem as they accomplish little, as you may often feel. But it is what I think that matters, and what is done in private matters to Me, even if its prayer and communion with Me.  As in the Old Testament times, the priests had to first minister to Me before ministry to others. Don’t you know that my saints are called to become prophets, priests and kings? Notice also the order, which is required to be a king in My kingdom. Prayers and the prophetic supply guidance, power and authority and releases the Holy Spirit to do His work.”