RHEMA WORD (07/27 / 2015) “Life is in the blood, and without blood, there is no life. The shedding of innocent blood is corrupting the source of life. I have put life within the water and the blood, and they respond to the environment either in a positive or negative way.  A good environment brings forth abundant life, illuminated by the light, but a bad environment of deep darkness causes death, blindness, and without light, there is the absence of life. As you ponder this, your thoughts and inspirational understanding is opening up as a flower opens up to the sunlight.  That which is displayed in the physical realm is also evident, displayed in the spiritual realms, or dimensions.  Even in your present existence, you are gradually being transformed to walk in the spiritual, so that you may be able to see the spiritual dimension, and to do as the prophets and even as Jesus had done, which included the power and authority to overcome them.   A scripture sates that we now see through a darkly, which images are distorted and unclear, but with a renewed body we will clearly see. But for this reason you must be willing to walk and live by faith, trusting in My faithfulness. What seems hard to understand, distorted and unclear, will be made clear, by your God who clearly sees all things.  Be willing and ready to write down all that I AM giving you, and don’t assume anything, but wait for understanding, which you  will be given at a time when you need to know. There are many things you still lack understanding about. Until some things are experienced, your understanding will remain obscure.  Understand that there are superficial things, and there are those things which are eternal. Superficial knowledge can change in time, but the eternal is ongoing knowledge and understanding is developed through experience which brings forth eternal consequences’. Those consequences’ not only determine your eternal destiny, but also position and trustworthiness in My kingdom. If I AM in you by My Spirit, as My chosen children, and of My Bride, then in unity together, nothing shall be impossible, not only on the earth, but also in eternity to come.”