RHEMA WORD (07/20 / 2015) (Jeremiah 51:45-50) “”My people, go out of the midst of her! And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of the Lord. And lest your heart faint, And you fear for the rumor that will be heard in the land (A rumor will come one year, And after that, in another year A rumor will come, And violence in the land, Ruler against ruler), Therefore behold, the days are coming That I will bring judgment on the carved images of Babylon; Her whole land shall be ashamed, And all her slain shall fall in her midst. Then the heavens and the earth and all that is in them Shall sing joyously over Babylon;  For the plunderers shall come to her from the north,” says the Lord. As Babylon has caused the slain of Israel to fall, So at Babylon the slain of all the earth shall fall. You who have escaped the sword, Get away! Do not stand still! Remember the Lord afar off, And let Jerusalem come to your mind.”