RHEMA WORD (07/18 / 2015) I have been thinking about Brother Marcus Samuel, of Pine Ridge Warriors, who passed away yesterday morning. I was anticipating an opportunity to gain exposure to my art paintings, and written books, through their ministry, connections, and radio program. Does this mean that I’ve been put on the back burner again, and my season toward major exposure has not yet come?  “Brother Marcus Samuel was a humble man who allowed Me to work in and through him. He didn’t rely on his own power and ability but on Me, taking one step at a time as I would lead him. He was a servant, not thinking highly of himself with an inflated ego, but in humility trusted in My faithfulness.   If you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, I will lift you up. Don’t try to lift yourself up, because it will only help to inflate your ego and self pride, believing that it is your talents, ability and efforts, that will create your own destiny and purpose. You become the God of your own calculated and planned destiny. Again I say, humble yourself, and don’t repeat you’re past mistakes and failures. Hold back, and wait on the Lord, to open doors, at the right time and season, which I will make clear when, where and how you should proceeded. Learn to remain patient, and wait for My clear direction. My guidance, words and direction are for those who take the time to listen, with ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying.  Words which bring life and hope, power and authority when it is guided and used for, and according to My purpose. When our thoughts and words are in unity, My wisdom can flow through you, where there will be a spontaneous flowing of words and thoughts of great impact. Few words of positive content and impact, is greater than many rambling vain words of little importance or meaningless content.”