GOD LOVES, Rebuilding Lives, In spite of our past

RHEMA WORD (08/16 / 2015) Father, I was moved by the teaching on King David, who wasn’t always aware of the sins he committed, until he was confronted by another, or even a prophet of the Lord. Weather we are consciously aware, hiding, or unaware of our past sins, there are pending consequences.  In spite of the consequences, God can use our testimony and experience to reach and teach others.  In life we are able to learn, from our experiences, and be able to change our ways to overcome, and to turn our life around for the better. God can use our past flawed action and ways, in spite of the consequences, and transform us people after Gods own heart. This requires a repentant heart, and a desire toward and with God in an intimate relationship.  With a heart’s desire for relationship with our God and father, who loves us in spite of our flaws, He will neither leave us nor forsake us. Most of all he desires our love and our heart’s desire to do what is right in His sight. As we do this He extends His mercy and grace, by not merely locking our past failures, but giving us an opportunity to overcome our short comings. It is not that we deserve this, but Him knowing our hearts desire, he wants us to become all He created us to be. God grace invites us to have intimacy with Him as sons and daughters of His kingdom, and to live the fulfilled, abundant life, filled with love joy and peace. “And as you continue to live and walk in My ways, and seek Me, to please Me, I will always be with you in all that you say and do. For out of the abundance of the heat, the mouth speaks. This is the fast track to get into alignment to My heart and My purpose.  Some may wander what the essence of faith is?  Love inspires and motivates to live and to walk in My ways.  And as you do this, you life will be filled with My love and blessings, not only flowing in you, but also flowing out from you to overflowing on others. And the cycle continues, which brings forth faith, joy and peace.”