God’s Ways are Opposite from the World’s – RHEMA WORD (6 /19 / 2016)

Father, help me to remain focused on those things which are most important, and really matters for this time and season. Evil is escalating and tribulation is coming, and I know it is vital to have ears to hear what you’re telling me, and to maintain our relationship together.
“Many, who claim to be Mine, are asleep, unaware of false flags, lies, deception, manipulation, controlled enslavement, and pending danger. I have been causing the seekers of truth to have their eyes and ears opened, and able to recognize the conspiracy, and the tyrannical plans of the corrupt, power seeking elite, attempt to control the whole world, resources and people’s lives.
Those who have sold their allegiance to the powers of darkness, for lustful, corrupted greed, as their father the Devil, are motivated by the same objective, to be a god, and lords over all creation. But their plans will fail, and they shall reap the consequences of their evil actions. They are the seed of Satan, and are being lead by the father of lies.
They may think that they can gain the whole world, but ultimately they will lose their own soul. Through them you are witnessing the shedding of innocent blood, sacrificed to open doors to the vile principalities and evil powers and authorities of the darkness, who were kept, chained in bondage until the end of the age to again be released.
If you remain in Me and I in you, you do not have to fear them, if you rely on My power and authority working through you. But on your own, through your effort, you will surly fail because in the natural you will be overcome. But as a new creation, redeemed by My blood, and empowered by My supernatural power, lead by My Spirit you will have nothing to fear.
For My Spirit in you identifies that you are mine, and those powers have no authority over you. I have plans for you, as you remain in Me you will be given clear direction of what to do, and how to do it. You will not be defeated , but instead become an over-comer, not only in the present life, but also in the life to come.
Without a battle there is no victory. And without a fight, there are no warriors, and without battle, there is neither defeat nor victory. So who will become great in the Kingdom of God, with crowns of glory? It will be those who are prepared, ready and willing, consistent and obedient, willing to do the Lord work.
If you want to become great in My kingdom, you must become the servant of all, and realize that My ways are opposite and opposed to the ways of the world. And to be effective to do My will, you must be changed through My refining process, in order to walk in My ways, to fulfill the purpose I have for you.”