Communing with God, brings Accomplished Destiny, RHEMA WORD (6 /20 / 2016)

After watching a certain movie, I began to ponder the concept that it would be better to overcome and defeat the coming hard times rather than fearfully planning an escaping from it. Thus facing my fears head on, I can become stronger in character by trusting God for victory over it. To become a leader, I need to put fear aside, and challenge even the worst of situations. Scripture was coming to my mind of which we are in Christ Jesus, that we are more than concurs; And with faith believing, and put it into practice, that nothing shall be impossible.
The Spirit speaks: “Daily I speak to you in a diversity of ways. Sometimes through dreams and visions, illuminated by the things you read, watch and hear from people and media’s, and through My Spirit that is always planting thoughts, through spiritual prophetic anointing and inspiration. As I commune with your spirit it is in a multiplicity of settings, such as prayer and an environmental setting of praise and worship.
Maybe it’s though music, a special environment as a prayer closet, being in the beauty of My creation, or even being around people of like-mindedness, speaking a prophetic word of life into your spirit. All is designed to reflect My nature and who I Am, and My Spirit was given you, to make you spiritually aware, with eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.
Without these things, your spiritual, senses and discernment is dead. But when you set time to be to commune with Me, open and receptive, I will surely commune with you. For I desire to always maintain my continued presence with you always, and at all times, I am desiring division and consistency.
So remove the binders, and those things which block My continued illuminating presence. And as the sheep of My flock, you hear me, know Me, and know My voice and won’t be leas astray by a stranger. Now, more than ever before, the advisory has corrupted our soul, that the natural man has difficulty communing with the true God that created them.
Today’s world has created many diversions, and obstacles to direct their attention away from the God who created them. Instead the adversary seeks to corrupt their mind, soul and spirit, which they can’t see, hear, or know who I Am. I desire that they may be redeemed so that may know and commune with Me throughout eternity.
My remnant seek and know who I Am, with their whole heart soul and might, because they spend time to personally know Me. They are the ones who will prosper even in the hard times, and to accomplish great and mighty exploits. I desire that none should parish.”