REMNANT Overcomes the TARS, preparing for great Harvest, RHEMA WORD (6 /05 / 2016)

“Many professing Christians say the right things, quote scripture, and try to present themselves as spiritually mature. But are they really? Even the Devil and his agents can present themselves as agents of light. Thus the perception of much of the Christian church is that of hypocrisy, corruption, and ineffectiveness.
Understand that there are many counterfeit Christians (tars) are planted within the Church body, and represent the birds (powers of darkness) perched among the branches of the mustard seed tree. That tree, in reality, is not a tree but a bush, which seems to be much larger, and greater that what it actually is.
The true numbers of My remnant church is much less than it appears to be, and only a bush, with some of the weak branches unable to support the extra weight of the birds of the air, collapsing the branches. But because I Am still there among them, in the presence of those who are mine, I continue to make them stronger through refinement.
I cause them to grow in Me, to see and understand, and discern the true from the counterfeit. The most obvious way to know who are my true disciples is to observe their fruit and actions, or lacking thereof. Even the smallest of seeds can grow and prosper as a mustard seed. So never reject small beginnings, even in the latter part of your life, but continue watering the seed and it will continue to grow exponentially.
Even if people mock you, making fun of what you’re doing, don’t get discouraged, because at the end of the growing season, the harvest will be greatest, and ready for harvest. And that final harvest at the end of this age. So don’t quit until all is ready, and continue to do what I’ve given you to do, because time is short, and few are being made ready to reap the final coming great harvest.
It is time to remove the diversions and distractions, which are holding you back, and preventing you from fulfilling the role and destiny I have for you. When you seek me, and ask Me, I will uproot and remove the weeds that grow around you, which prevent My living water from reaching you and giving what is needed for substance, growth and development, with adequate space for growth and expansion.
Your seed isn’t ordinary, but it is a new creation, noncorrupted, from God the Holy Spirit, flowing from His heart of, which is not natural, but supernatural. Understand who you are, and don’t become distracted by the negative things happening around you, but instead become inspired, knowing that I Am in you, causing you expand your faith and multiply capabilities far beyond what you ever imagined.
This will be a time of the great harvest and great rejoicing. For I shall use those who are Mine, My new redeemed created offspring, to overcome the world, and to rule and reign with Me forever and ever.”