Prepared for Eternity, RHEMA WORD (5 /18 / 2016)

My hate toward evil continues to be more intense, as it continues it continues its downward spiral toward total debauchery, and unbelievable evil, corruption, torture, and death to the innocent. Being aware, and thinking it can’t get worse; it does, and makes me ill, and corrupts my mind pondering such horrible atrocities. What can I do to change things, realizing that I have no passion of authority to do anything?
Then the Spirit of God began to remind me on how I was changing my perspective from attempting to be a high achiever, through my own efforts, to learning how to wait on the Lord for clear direction, and open doors. Thus I realized that doing things my own way is prideful, and of the Devil nature.
I was going through a humbling process, instead of manipulating and controlling circumstances toward my own objectives. I based myself identity on what I could accomplish doing things my own way, with creativity and hard work, padding my ego, and boasting self worth. My efforts and hard work were failing, no matter what I did.
A hard lesson to learn is who we are, and who we were created to be. It is God in us, working through us, which is our hope for glory. God teaches us through trials, tribulations, and circumstances to realize our old nature lacks solutions, and thus it causes us to depend on Him. And through this, He can prove His faithfulness.
God wants us to let go of our self-centered pride, ego, and world’s ways of sin and death, to live according to His kingdom, which reaps abundant eternal life. And through this we are able to achieve our created potential, and to become all God created us to be, with a hope and a future.
Gods Spirit speaks: “Quit struggling, trying to figure who and what you are. It is I your Creator, who made you, knows you, and knows your ultimate destiny. And don’t only consider what you’re doing in the present season, as your ultimate destiny. For you are, a work in progress, being prepared for eternity future.
All who I call to be Mine, and accepts, becomes the chosen of a new creation. My children, being prepared through discipline for eternity with Me. As a parent you have to train and prepare your children for the future. In spite of immaturity, and imperfection they are still loved, but training and discipline is still required.
Scripture says, be perfect, as I Am perfect. The more you are like Me, the more you are becoming perfect. I have not come to condemn the world, but to save it. True freedom is to become more into My likeness, which is I in you, and you in Me as one through My Spirit. This is your hope for glory.”