I Give My ALL, Holding Back Nothing; ANOINTED PRAYER (3 /23 / 2016)

This is personal, but not so much that it can’t be shared, and it will give many, understanding of how God operates in changing lives, and the principles by which He works. Anointed prayer is when the Holy Spirit inspires and gives you what to pray for, the words, and how to pray for it. Prayer and Prophesying is similar in many ways, and scripture reveals that the word of God is spoken or written before action is taken. Because we were given dominion over the earth, and free agents, able to make choices, we must communicate the Word, so God can activate it. This is seen and displayed in Bible Prophecy. ‘We have not, because we ask not.’
“Father, I give you praise, honor and glory, for you are a worthy God to be exalted, raised up high above all things, as not only our Creator, but as the King of kings, and the Lord of all lords, the giver of abundant life. I desire to have abundant life more than anything else, and all that is part of what it is, and what it entails.
Existence alone has no meaning and purpose without abundant life. And I thank you that You are teaching and showing me how to obtain abundant life. Father, now that I have returned to my dwelling place, I realize that home is where you are. And in Your presence, I feel as though I am your child, safe and secure, in your love, beneath Your canopy of protection.
That is living according to your purpose and will, and walking according to your plan for me for which I was created, in order to fulfill who I am, and who you are in me; which is The Great I Am all and everything I need, and my Father who is working in and through my life, toward Thy kingdom come, and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
In you I feel safe and secure, knowing that you are in control of all things, because You not only created all things, but also You are all powerful, and controlling all things. And because You love me, and want me to be with You, and desire what is best for me; as a child like attitude I humbly come to You knowing that You have what is best for me: Not only in this present life, but also in the life to come.
I was created to be eternal, and understand that the second death has eternal consequences. When our present body faces death, it is only a transition of existence to an eternal existence for a better and greater life to come. But conversely the opposite of eternal life with You, the giver of life, is not mere death of the body, but eternal death. That is separation from the giver of life, which is who You are.
So I understand what the real meaning is, not only in mind, but in a spiritual way. Death and life has a temporal meaning and understanding and eternal spiritual meaning that continues after physical death. It becomes clear and obvious that our choices have permanent consequences that determine our eternal destiny.
Father, understanding these things not only in mind, but also in soul, and confirmed by spirit, the desire to draw close to my God who created me not only with a temporal body to live upon the earth, but also we will be given an eternal body to live forever, having abundant life, in love with the God who created us.
God is love and he created love, and the opposite of love is hate, which is rooted in pride, and rebellion against God. God created free choice to love, or not to love. The root of rebellion to hatred came through Lucifer, as stated: “I will ascend into the heavens, exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will be like the Most High.” He and his fallen angels are facing the consequences of their actions.
The wages of sin is death, and the second death is separation from God, because a righteous, loving God cannot tolerate sin and rebellion. The same pride and rebellion permeates this present world, and I want no part of it. As for me, Father, I humbly choose you, and your ways as my Creator and the source of all life and existence. Only a fool considers himself to be a god, who sees themselves wiser than the One who created them.
I realize that I am weak, flawed, and lacking in many ways, yet you still love me, and desire to commune with me, love me, and ultimately mold me into the image of Christ. You are preparing me to become one with You, my Lord, and my God, my Father, and my King. To You I dedicate my life, so that I may continue to grow in faith, that I can be one with You in life and purpose, forever and ever, Amen.”