I AM, showing creation, All Things I Work Together for Good, RHEMA WORD (3 /20 / 2016)

This is personal, but not so much that it can’t be shared, and it will give many understanding of how God operates in changing lives, and the principles by which He works.
“This is a time to release all these things which have been holding you back. To let go of the negative strongholds that have been preventing you from becoming all you were created for, and created to be. I know your heart’s desire, and the gifts, talents and abilities I have given you. It is not chance that you are here at this place, at this time making connections, contacts, and unavailing the things which had been tying you down, and holding you back.
The true nature of your calling is unfolding and more clearly seen and understood. What you couldn’t see before is beginning to be seen, having the binders removed from your eyes and spiritual senses heightened. Often these things take time and are designed to happen at a particular time and season. So that all the pieces of the puzzle come together as a particular time and season, which also effects the lives o many intersecting at once effecting many.
Neither you, others, or even the adversary knows that time, until all these things come together and fit together as a complicated puzzle. I know the future, and I know the final outcome of all things. And in that way I display that I Am God, showing all creation that in all things, I work together for good, to accomplish My eternal purpose.
For this reason I desire for you and others like you to walk by faith, rather than by sight. You may have a vague understanding of where you’re going, but I alone can see the big, overall picture, that leads to My ultimate purpose. Your human nature has difficulty stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something with risk, not knowing what you’ll be facing, and the potential consequences.
But when you’re willing and ready to walk by faith according to My ways, the results will not only reap a great harvest with positive results for the kingdom, but it will also bring blessing and prosperity unto you and others. And to those who have, much more will be given, multiplied and overflowing.”