This is personal, but not so much that it can’t be shared, and it will give many understanding of how God operates in changing lives, and the principles by which He works.
“I have called you to be a visionary; not a Bible scalar, a theologian or a debater of scripture, theology and doctrine. You are called to be a sear and a watchman. Don’t fall into the trap of debating with others over areas of doctrine. It is I, through the Holy Spirit that unveils truth, and gives vision to those who are mine, being called toward a vision displaying My purpose.
Some I have given the ability to analyze doctrine and I have given them special gifting and abilities in that area, yet others I have given gifting and abilities in other areas of calling which best fits who they are, and what they were created to do and be. The idea of a single pastor having all the right knowledge and ability in all areas of ministry is not according to scripture, and a fallacy and a misunderstanding.
In my body, and according to My ways there should be many pastors who teach how to perform according to their gifting, calling and ability. For this reason, I’ve created humanity to work in unity together as a as a single body of many parts working together in unity. This prevents pride and ego from taking hold of those who seek to control and rule over others. To prevent those who assume that they are superior, and have an all-knowing attitude.
This is why My Church, My bride is not a single person, or even a single group of people who are who are venerable to the snare of pride, and assuming that they have superior knowledge of My ways and understanding of all things. If you think about who is the original source of this thinking, it is Lucifer: Who said; I will be as the most-high God. Its ego and a lustful craving for power, to rule over many.
There is only one who holds that place, which is the God of all creation, the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. The one involved in creation, the Great I Am, the one who became flesh to redeem you from your corrupted state to again be in the image and likeness of the one who created you.
Humanity was not created to be dominated, but to become one in all, with the all knowing God of creation in purpose and calling. Held together in love and unity as a bride to her husband, operating together as a single body for a single purpose and objective. We are all pieces of a puzzle placed together as one, under the covering, power, and authority of the bride groom. Having accepted His proposal to become His bride, and allow Him to be our husband, forever as one.
That is the I Am all and everything you need, who you will become one with you. The One who leads you, covers you, protects and holds you. You are one together with The One who leads you through the Spirit. I created you, give life, and said; “I and the Father are one.” So also you shall be one with the Father, when you are in Me and I Am in you.”