LET GO of the PAST, and MOVE FORWARD; RHEMA WORD (3 /04 / 2016)

“A barrier must be broken, a pyridine shift to give up the past, let it all go, and use it as a testimony of where you came from. The past is past, and there is no going back. As a dog returns to its vomit, dwelling in the past is a form of bondage.
Let go and let your Father God have control over your future destiny. Tomorrow is what really matters, to accomplish what you have been prompted to do, and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. I Am the One who plants creative ideas in your mind, and inspires your soul.
Even when things seem to be impossible, and not what you considered, it may be ideas implanted through My Spirit. But to receive clear guidance and direction, the strongholds within your soul, your insecurities, fears, and past failures, are restricting your destiny to overcome the past and succeed, to accomplish your ordained destiny.
I have great things ahead for you and others like you, who will allow Me to work effectively in and through you, and them. Consider that all creation has been waiting for your day. And realize that you live and exist in a unique time in history, and I know who you are, because I created you and know you’re potential.
You limit yourself and base it on your past, and what you assume to be your abilities and capabilities to accomplish anything. With Me operating in and through you, there are no limits. I can even work through a donkey to speak to a prophet, or use a great fish to transport a prophet to preach to an evil city nation to repent and turn from their evil ways, or be destroyed.
Your life is not over, and your mind and existing ways are not cast in stone. Now is the beginning of the rest of your life. I can even use the foolish things of the world to confound the wisdom of the world. And when you learn to walk by faith, abundant life will come to even you. For you are no different than the saints of past generations.
They thought as you do, but I knew them better than they knew themselves. And you too can and will do even greater things, if you allow Me to work in you as I did with them. When evil is greatest, your life can shine brightest to accomplish great and mighty exploits. Now; release generational courses, and be baptized again into the abundant life I have for you.”