GOD’S WISDOM, through Relationship & Experience; RHEMA WORD (3 /03 / 2016)

“Wisdom comes through the process of refinement and development, as you develop into the likeness and image of Christ, by being tested trough trials and tribulation. And growing in faith in our relationship to the One who picks you up when you fall, and who reaches up to our Father in Heaven. The one you can trust on, and in, knowing that I will always be there for you.
Understand that all people are different in personality and character, and some tend to be more stubborn, and hard to change. But they were created unique for a special time and season. Created in My image, they were given a free will to choose their own eternal destiny and life style. That is to live according to My kingdom, or remaining within the kingdom of darkness.
I came to seek, and to save the lost and the perishing; and to redeem those who will be found, and will embrace The Way of salvation. Yet the adversary attempts to hide and obscure from sight My presence, killing and destroying; blinding their minds, and warping the understanding of many who claim to be mine; have allowed themselves to become corrupted by the counterfeit tars in the wheat field. This will continue until I return.
But for those who truly seek and desire Me, and desire the truth, and to know Me, they will truly find Me, before their end comes. Even the lost sheep, or those who have gone astray without a Sheppard, will be given opportunity to become part of My flock, a remnant of those who will be saved, not only in this world, but also in the life to come.
Corruption will continue to escalate, and those who are lost and perishing will be forced to choose their own eternal destiny. I chose only those who choose Me, and their consequences will rest on their own choices. Throughout the span of one’s life, all are given a chance to choose their eternal destiny. Even without the knowledge of Scripture, I AM there, through My Spirit, and evident in creation.
Those who choose My ways, repent and turn will receive My salvation will spend eternity with Me. But not all will become My Bride. It is those who gave Me their whole heart, soul and might in total love and commitment. Not just individually, but as a unified body in unity together as one body, filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit burning day and night, with My love, power and authority flowing in and through all members of My body.
So let your lamp so brightly shine to the day of My return, for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Those who endure till the end will be saved. Have ears to hear, and eyes to see from the Spirit, that you will be able to overcome the powers of darkness, shinning as the stars of heaven.”