PEACE within the STORM,

(RHEMA WORD (2/07 / 2016) “Become stable and secure in My presence in spite of circumstances which come upon the earth. When you see and hear of calamity and hardship upon the earth, remember that you are not subject to My wrath, and in spite of difficult times, I Am always with you. And if you live by faith, not by fear or sight, I will give you genuine peace within the storm.
Storms are coming, but they will not overtake you, if you put your trust in Me. For I Am with you always through My Spirit. And I will never leave you nor forsake you. Remember that fear is your enemy, and it prevents Me from becoming a stronghold to you. Faith and peace is your hope and strength, which will draw others to you, as they experience extreme hardship.
Remember this key point, that you are eternal. The adversary has no power over you, unless you allow it. Let your life become an example, an example of trust and faith of My faithfulness. In some ways, in situations which seem impossible, and you can’t see the way of escape, instead of fear, let it be faith, that I will be able to work in power and authority through you.
That through it all you may shine as an example of My glory and hope for not only you, but also for those around you. And become a living testimony to present My glory working through you. You can feel My presence working through you, and when the time of need comes, I will be there for you.
And as I continue working in and through you, and others around you, faith will continue to grow. Your hope and peace will also continue to grow as you freely allow My Spirit to work, to prove My faithfulness and to accomplish great and mighty exploits. That is to defeat the advisory, and his fallen dark powers, responsible for striping Humanities dominion over the earth, and restoration as it was originally intended.