You’re a PIECE of the PUZZLE, Chosen for This Time,

(RHEMA WORD (2/01 / 2016) “Doors will open at the right time, when everything I have planned for you falls into place. I will not give you more than you can handle, and it will be in areas that you are capable of doing. But at times I will stretch you to take on more than you think you can handle. But remember that in your weakness and lacking I can fill in the gap.
In the days coming, this will not only be for you, but for all I have chosen to fill a role, in areas I have prepared for them. For you are not an accident, nor is anyone else who lives and dwells upon the earth and in the world for such a time as this. Remember, that there is a time and a season for everything.
Even waiting is necessary to develop patience. It’s not only about you, but it’s also about others who will cross your path, and will also be part of My overall plans. When referring to My body the Church, you are a piece of the puzzle, a building block in the structure, a specific part of My complete body.
You are needed, just as others are needed for completeness, to become an effective, productive unit to accomplish My purposes. You are starting to move in areas that will cause you to become more unified into My Church body. And you don’t have to be alone, and it is best that you aren’t.
There is strength in numbers, unified and working together as a team unit, like a rope with many strands, which can’t be broken. And when there is an area of weakness in a single strand, the adjacent strands help compensate, and make the weak area less obvious and stressed. Not everyone is strong, and no one is strong in every area of their life.
Not everyone is spiritually mature, and if mature in some areas, not in all areas overall. Most of the church body has areas of weakness, and are in a continual process of spiritual growth. But when you’re alone, the Devil, and the powers of darkness are always attacking your weakest areas of venerability, to attack and bring you down.
Most of my saints have areas of venerability, and for this reason you need each other for accountability and covering by others within My Church body. The adversary knows how to divide and concur, as a military principle, and even in the animal kingdom. As a lion, the Devil seeks to attack those who are venerable, and have been separated from the flock.
For this reason, remain connected with the sheep of my flock, protected, and committed in faith, unified together in strength and purpose. It is good to become venerable to responsible proven Sheppard’s who can expose your areas of weakness and venerability, in order to grow in the fullness of who you are meant to become in My kingdom.
That you to may be able to stand strong, and Sheppard others. What is presently taking place in your life is only the beginning of the rest of eternity future. Our relationship together and eternal destiny will continue to grow in every way, even in areas that you’re unaware of, nor know.”