RHEMA WORD (07/- 09 / 2015) Continued as light — “LOOK AT IT LIKE ENERGY: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. It is like electric power of a battery that has a positive and negative charge. The positive charge sends forth positive energy, where the negative side is the receptor portion. As in life, without positive input there is no power, nor does positive power flow through it to empower anything outside its self. In a spiritual sense a negative person tend to drain life and energy from others around them. But on the positive side spiritually stimulate the opposite effect, of bring forth positive life building energy and motivation, or life giving energy, which causes positive things to happen. Without a positive charge, batteries are drained, discharged and lose their power, even to the point of the battery going dead, and no longer chargeable. But to be a source of positive power and energy is like being a conduit conductor for a battery charger, as a source to charge others batteries, with positive input to those around you. Your charger is always nearby, to continue its recharging process. Spiritually, the Holy Spirit is the one who charges us all up, either directly or indirectly, and to charge up others, through the power of God to build up others who are down. Our charger is always near us because He, the Holy Spirit, is in our heart, the most Holy place where the Spirit of God dwells within the tabernacle of our body, which is God in us, our hop for glory. The world is full of negativity, but the true source of power and hope is in the positive. Consider what is positive, and what is negative both in the power of an electric battery, and how it pertains to the spiritual. Consider also that they are opposite in power and even spiritual symbolic meaning. Positive power creates light and life. Conversely, negativity of power causes total darkness, without light, which prevents Gods creation from existence, representing sin and death, devoid of God’s presence. God’s power brought forth creation. But the negative brings forth deterioration, destruction, and eventual non-existent nothingness. And the list continues. Be My conduit, as all and everything you need. Change your mindset and get ready to prosper. See things as they are through My eyes, fearless, more than a couriers in My image, as a prince of the most high God, with My power flowing through you. And when you are fully charged in My power, who can defeat you?”