RHEMA WORD (07/08 – / 2015) “Open the door of your heart, and allow your passions to freely flow. Don’t be afraid of them, and don’t try to hide or subdue them. You have nothing to hide, and much can be shared with others. They tend to hide them because of ego and self image, and of what others may think.  Many men subdue or hide their feelings, lacking desire and freedom to let go of their perceived mindsets of what is acceptable and normal. Often the fear of rejection, they lack desire and the freedom to let go of their passions to freely flow.  The outward display of passion is neither famine, nor a lack of control over ones emotions, but a free physical release of passionate expression. David, a man after my heart, freely expressed his feeling and passion as he danced and expressed his heart before Me.  Man was created to be the leader, and shouldn’t feel ashamed to express and display his feelings and emotions, with a heartfelt freedom not only to Me,  but to set an example as a leader who is not ashamed, and free to be what he was created to be.  Open the flood gate of your heart, and let the fullness, of who I AM, freely flow through you, with My love, peace, hope, and with joyful praise be free to worship with all your heart soul and might. Where the Spirit is there is freedom, and abundant life. In this environment, My presence will fill and saturate you to overflowing, as a river flowing out on others. You don’t have to hold back your passionate feelings, which will allow My Spirit to freely flow through you in power and authority.  Through this I will allow creativity to freely flow, prophetic dreams and visions will become more common. You spiritual senses will be enhanced within your heart and soul, that you will always be aware of Me and My guidance for you.  Even as you exercise and experience your freedom in this way, I will continue to increase the intensity of My supernatural flowing through you. But don’t become passive and reserved, but become expressive in your actions and ways, as a living testimony. Let the fullness if joy and peace continue to flow through you in strength. For the joy of your lord is your strength.  Loosen up, and let go of your preconceived ideas, on how to conduct yourself around others. When bad things are happening around you, don’t become overwhelmed, instead let you trust in my faithfulness become your strength and stronghold. That even in the midst of a storm, the joy of the lord shall be your strength.  This will be like a magnet that will attract others to want being around you. Nobody wants to be around overwhelmed, complaining, negative people with a fearful, hopeless, attitude; without solutions to overcome.  Tribulation will be obvious and evident, and can be talked about, but not as a negative, but as an obstacle to overcome, to obtaining victory over. It will become an opportunity to be a light in the midst of darkness, and prove the faithfulness of your God in whom you trust.”