Solitary Peace with God, within His creation, RHEMA WORD (7 /19 / 2016)

Often, to clearly hear from God, I have to spend time alone within His created natural environment; as the mountains, woods, around water, rivers and etc, with only their natural sounds, and surroundings. Camping alone God speaks, written on a paper plate:
“Be at peace in every situation, knowing that I AM in you & you are in Me. And even when you’re in trials and tribulations, I AM always there with you. In spite of appearance or severity, I AM always able to supply a way of escape, and also use it to build up your trust and faith in My faithfulness
Severe times require severe training to prepare you for what is coming. You must become strong in Me that you will be able to endure and stand strong, not giving up, able to walk in My ways, and able to utilize the potential of your ultimate calling, to be able to accomplish great and mighty exploits.
The undiscerning, uncommitted, foolish inactive ones or quitters will face My judgment with severe consequences. Those who are unwilling to confess whom I AM, and take a stand for Me and My kingdom, they will by default determine their own eternal destiny. Those who are not for Me are against Me.
When you put your trust in Me, there is no fear, because fear is the opposite of faith and trust in Me. Fear is what the Devil consistently uses to control the world’s mass population, keeping them in bondage, by controlling their body, mind, soul, and true spiritual discernment from God the Holy Spirit which brings life instead of death.
Overcome the Devil and ways of the world, which are hold in bondage. To overcome is to have victory over all the powers of darkness, bring forth abundant life. What do you choose? Fear leads to bondage, failure, destruction and death, or freedom, victory, creativity, productivity and abundant eternal life.
It is good to take time to get away, and free yourself from the worries of life, and to focus on those things which are most important in life, and to spend intimate time communing with your Heavenly Father. The adversary desires to keep you in stressful situations, so that worry and fear has dominion over your life.
But don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap, but instead put your mind at peace, by getting away to spend time with Me in a peaceful and solitary place. What is most important, is peace of mind and intimacy with Me, that your soul may be at peace. And let this continue to be an ongoing practice to allow Me to renew your thoughts and perspective.
My creation can be your refuge and place of solitary peace.”