The HUMBLE and MEEK shall inherit the Earth, RHEMA WORD (4 /26 / 2016)

“The mindset of the ways of the world doesn’t judge those who are humble and meek, as I AM Judge over My kingdom. They judge according to the world’s ways, as Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness. The worlds ways are filled with pride, and arrogant self-centered, as gods of their own destiny, and ultimate judge of their own affairs and that of others.
Whether they say it or not, they place themselves as gods; those who control and dominate more will be the superior, greater gods over others. Conquest and achievement toward absolute power over others becomes there obsession and achieving goal. Not to serve others, but for others to serve them with honor, praise and exaltation.
They are the ‘I am,’ the center of their world, idolizing themselves, becoming their own god, and thus replacing the true I AM, all and everything they need. Yet in My kingdom the humble and meek shall inherit the earth. To be great in My kingdom, you must become the servant of all. Jesus said: ‘I didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it.’
So humble yourself in the sight of your Lord, and you will be lifted up. For what good is it to gain the whole world, yet lose your own soul. You don’t have to be great in the ways of the world eyes, or to be placed on a pedestal to display your greatness. Instead be willing to serve even to those who the world considered to be least, and the downcast.
Build up your spiritual character, and be able to love and give to those who are least and lacking, and your rewards will be great. And let love replace pride, and you will be great in My kingdom. Love is the primary key to success and achievement in My kingdom.”