Have the Mind of Christ, RHEMA WORD (4 /20 / 2016)

“Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus, and give Me your heart, your spiritual allegiance. Doesn’t scripture say that I will come and dwell within your heart, and that life is in the blood? And from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I take your heart of stone, and make it into a heart of flesh. A stone has no life, but a heart of flesh has life flowing through it.
The power comes through the blood. The bloods power comes through spiritual purification. And your brain is like a biological computer that evaluates information and makes decisions based on logic, common sense and rational thinking. Thinking that which has happened before will likely happen again, and cycles continue to repeat over and over again.
The sensitivity of the heart is based in the supernatural, where spiritual guides have influence over your thoughts and actions. It is where My heart communes with your heart, where My heart, nature, and guidance flows into your heart and soul as living water, the source abundant life.
This is evident in the tabernacle of your body, a living temple where My glory dwells. I operate within you is the most holy inner court, your heart, that where the hear is, affects the whole body, your outer temple court. The adversary represents death, which and directs his corrupted ways of sin and death upon our temple, and attempting entrance into our soul and spirit.
The Devil doesn’t want you to be what you were created to be. That is becoming a living temple, through which I may dwell throughout eternity. Do you understand what I’m saying, “be perfect as I Am perfect. It all starts from the heart, the source of where your life began and develops and works toward the refinement of your outer court, your body of flesh.
My seed, My DNA was planted within your heart, to become a new creation, no longer corrupted by the seed of corruption and rebellion of the fallen ones who corrupted My perfect creation. I Am in the process of renewing your life from the heart to the outer flesh.
Don’t think that spiritual growth is in the mind only. It all starts in the heart, through the blood of Jesus, and saturates the rest of who we were meant to be from the beginning. The true abundant life is My heart and My blood flowing through you in love, and My power and authority as you were meant to be from the beginning.”