Gods’ Second Phase Calling

Gods’ Second Phase Calling RHEMA WORD (10/31 / 2015) “When you saturate your mind, thoughts and understanding with those things pertaining to My kingdom and ways, and share those things with others, it is good. But often it isn’t accepted, understood, and even condemned and rejected. Don’t feel you’ve been rejected or defeated, and assume negative things which may cross your mind. For everything there is a time and a season. Even the prophets of old shared those things which I had revealed and given to them, and few were willing to neither listen nor respond. Sometimes through naive ignorance, preconceived bios, or even total rejection will take place. But if you share what you know to be true and right it is good thing In most situations the remnant with ears to hear, and the eyes of their heart open to receive, are primarily the most receptive ones, having a genuine desire for truth, to know my ways and do them. They are the ones who desire to hear My voice, and follow Me. For many are called, but few are chosen, which are the sheep who hear and follow Me. Many place their priorities in carnal diversions’ and the ways of the world. The world did not except or receive My proclamation of the greatest of all revelation and salvation to free the lost and perishing, and to set the captive free. If they rejected Me, they also will reject you. Many, who claim to be mine, are still living according to the ways of the world, and lack receptivity to My Spirit, and the things of the Spirit. When severe calamity and tribulation come, to many it will be a up wake call, to repent and turn, having their blind eyes and deaf ears opened to the ways of the world: And to consider the consequences of their eternal destiny, to escape from the judgment and wrath of God and join themselves to the purpose of thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Then the dormant saints will wake up and understand, joining themselves to those who have already laid the path, and will begin to shine as the early morning light. This will be the second phase of My calling, that they may be able to make their garments white through tribulation, before My return. For I Am merciful, desiring that none should parish. The watchman will be the first ones that the adversary will try to silence. And those who have been listening, and also hearing with discerning ears, hearing also My voice will be preparing themselves for battle. Not to flee in fear from the adversary, but getting prepared and ready to overcome those who seek to destroy you, and all of the saints. Many are aware, but not ready to set or prepared to lead others. And they are the ones who are not yet primary targets of the enemy, posing little threat, or not even noticed due to lack of exposure. But through the process of tribulation, refinement will come, to develop into a mighty spiritual warrior. And through the battles many will have their robes made white, and purified through the refining fire of tribulation. This will be the second phase, which will be in the likeness of the 400 men who were disconnected misfits, who joined with David, a concurring king, in the wilderness, who developed into undefeated mighty men. So don’t give up, or become discouraged that your life hasn’t reaped the kind of harvest you thought you would have received. It’s not over yet, and your season is soon coming. It is no accident that you were created for such a time as this. You’re still being trained to overcome, meaning being victorious over the principalities and powers of darkness, to destroy them their strongholds, and in front of all creation, and make a spectacle of the Devil and his fallen agents. For greater is He that is in you than he which is in the world. You are a new creation, with the DNA seed of God the Holy Spirit within you. You are the living temple of the most-high God of all creation. His very own child created in his image and likeness, having abundant eternal life and saturated with His love. You have been give power and authority to do great and mighty exploits. Restore your understanding to remember who you are, and don’t allow the powers of darkness to deceive you, for they are already defeated, and you have been ordained to do your part to defeat them, which is to overcome, to be victorious over them.”