RHEMA WORD (08/22 / 2015) “Understand the darkness, that you will be able to overcome the darkness. And to do this you must first seek the light, embrace it, and turn on the light within you, which is the presence of the Holy Spirit. If you continue to embrace My presence, desiring continual communion together, I will always be there.   But when you no longer desire our relationship together, nor desire Me as Lord, and discard My ways, and the work I AM doing in and through you, to transform you into the likeness of the image of Christ, and abandon our relationship, I will allow it to happen. I will remain with those people who desire Me, the lifestyle, and purpose I have for you, in the ways of My kingdom.   It is your will and desire which allows Me to dwell within you, so that I may be able to mold and transform you, into the purpose and ability you were created to be.  If you prevent Me from being able to do My work within you, and continue your rejection and waywardness, I will eventually let go, and release you to the powers of darkness. You have the ability and right to choose your own destiny, no matter what the consequences will reap.  Some assume that a simple one time prayer, baptism, or dedication give them a pass of eternal, heaven bound security.  Many quote what Jesus says; ‘that no man can pluck you out of My hands. Being taken against your will, is not the same as rejecting the Holy Spirits calling, or denying to allow your life to be transformed as God intended, and rejecting Him, and willfully walking away, as a dog returning to his vomit forever. Some would call this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, of which he will not be forgiven (Matthew 12:31).  But if you choose to except and My ways, I will remain with you, working in you and through you. Eternal security is in your hands and by your choices, just as it in blessings and cursing. Just as it was with the children of Israel, leaving Egypt, they chose not to inter the Promised Land because of fear.  They lacked faith, and rejected My previous exhibits of past faithfulness, string My anger. Instead of putting their faith in My faithfulness, they rebelled against Me, and choosing their own ways. Because of their own choices they chose their own way and suffered their own consequences.  If you desire to retain in complete control over your own life and decisions, in need of no one but yourself, and doing things your own way, then you likely have no desire for Me and My kingdom. Then you’re choosing the ways of this present world, which is lost and perishing. Why? Because you were created in the image of God, with a free will to chose. To chose the purpose and calling God created you to be and do.”