RHEMA WORD (07/06 / 2015) “What you ask Me for, in accordance to My will and purpose, My response will be a yes and amen. It is good when there is unity of desire and purpose. I know what you need even more so than you do. There are requests that are according to My will that apply to those who are mine, and is a yes and amen. When your life becomes a living testimony, positively affecting others, I will open wide your doors of opportunity to bless and benefit others. As it has been said many times before; if you seek first My kingdom, then all else, or everything else will fall into place. This includes you previous petitions and requests, which may seem as though they were put on hold. Realize that things are escalating at an accelerated pace, and the time of My return will soon come. Yet My coming may not be as some suppose or expect. Remember that the powers of darkness, their disciples, and agents read and are aware of what scriptures say, and they set their own plans and schedules accordingly. But because you are in the light, and My Spirit dwells within you, I will illuminate your understanding in deciphering revelation, and will speak to you on how to prepare, at the right time, and in the right ways to overcome their evil plans and coming onslaught of aggression toward My people, and the enslavement and destruction toward the masses upon the earth. You and others like you have been given a calling, to be a watchman on the wall, to warn the people who are willing to listen, of coming danger, and get prepared for battle. Scripture describes those of past generations who were a similar calling, but in most cases most people weren’t listening, and didn’t heed my warnings, and prepare. Don’t be discouraged, that few listen, believe, or even care. What has happened before, during the time of Noah, will happen again. But to those who have ears to hear, and prepare for coming tribulation, will receive an outpouring of new wine, to empower My end times remnant to perform great and mighty exploits. This is a time which all of creation has been waiting for. Those who have anointed eyes to see, and ears to hear My Spirit will be given more to perform at a higher anointing. Those who seek me with their whole heart soul and might will have more, multiplied and overflowing. But those who have not, and invest little, even what they have will be taken from them. Do not fear the powers of darkness, when you walk and dwell in My presence, under My authority, and according to My purpose, within My kingdom. Because you are of My kingdom, and redeemed from the worlds kingdom of darkness, they have no power over you, unless you’ve allow it. You are Mine, I love you, and no one can pluck you out of My hand. You are secure in me, and in that place, nothing shall harm you, a child of the Most High God, Creator of all things, all knowing and all powerful King of kings, Lord of lords over all, and in all, giving abundant life eternal. In these last days before My return will be time to shine, so don’t be fearful, worry or stress, for you were created to be eternal, in My image, and now serving in My kingdom. Scripture describes your eternal destiny, realizing this is your time to shine, and to obtain eternal blessings. Love will be our motivation together as one forever.” When considering the price Jesus Christ paid for our redemption, we should willingly give up our life for Him and His Kingdom, no long controlled by death, but motivated by His love and abundant, eternal life.”