RHEMA WORD (06/28 / 2015) “Walk by faith, and don’t be consumed by fear or self focused carnal feelings, because it opens doors to the adversary’s dark forces, seeking to overcome and overtake you. Realize who you are in Me, and understand that you have been chosen for such a time as this, to be able perform great and mighty exploits.  I have known you before you were born, and your life was not mere chance, or a mistake. Even in your weakness, and perceived lacking, I can make you strong, if you are willing to commune with Me, and allowing My Spirit to operate in and through you. Don’t focus on what you can do, because I AM in you, and ‘I AM’ all you need.  For this reason I have not let go of you, nor allowed the enemy to completely overtake you. But remember that you have a free will to do as you please, and chose what you shall do. I will not hold you back nor prevent you from making bad choices, which can reap severe consequences. But if you desire My ways, to prosper in My kingdom, I will expose your waywardness, so that you may be able to repent and overcome.  If you willingly desire to live and walk in My ways, I will lead you into all truth, teaching and instructing you through ‘The Spirit of Truth’, a receptive and pliable heart. Through this I will protect you from the adversary, and teach you to guard and protect your mind, to disable the onslaught of evil, corrupted thoughts. If received, it opens doors of your heart, blocking Me from being able to work in and through you in power.  Practice patience, realizing that for everything, there is a time and a season. And that your primary season requires spiritual maturity, through refinement and seasoning. That is to prove your faithfulness through tribulation, to be victorious and blessed, as good and faithful servants. For many are called, but few are chosen, so when clear direction is given, don’t waver nor procrastinate, for I have a job for you to do.”