ONE with GOD, LOVE, The reason for our CREATION

RHEMA WORD (06/19 / 2015) “Behold, I come to you, because you desire My presence, as I also desire you, to commune with Me. When you make the effort and display your desire for continuation of our relationship, it is also My desire to be one in unity with you. And this is the purpose and reasons you, and all of humanity was created. I am not looking for perfection in you, or most of humanity, but seeking love and a genuine desire to become one with Me in unity, because of love and commitment. I welcome those who will place their trust in Me, because I have loved them from the beginning. Even if they are weak, flawed and spiritually lacking. In spite of weakness, I can make them strong. The flawed will receive mercy, and become refined. These who lack in every area of life, will encounter abundant life through our personal relationship together. In time all obstacle can be overcome, as you trust in me, and I also trust in you, becoming one in purpose and intimacy. Even after Peter fearfully denied Me, I didn’t hold it against him, but through love I embraced him back to intimacy together. I Am always there with open arms, even when you fall, if you humble yourself, turn about, I will always be there to welcome you back within the sheepfold. But if you continue in rebellion against my teaching and ways, making foolish decisions, then you will face the consequences, and coming collateral damage. Even those people who claim to be Mine, and do these things, will not be under My canopy of protection. And will be exposed to the evil ones, the powers of darkness, coming to kill steal and destroy. As things continue to become darker, the harvest will become greater. Those who are evil, with hardened hearts, will become more corrupt. But those seeking to escape the abundant evil calamity will be seeking for a light of hope, which will become the greatest harvest of souls ever. When the fullness of antiquity is darkest, My light will shine brightest. The harvest is great, but the harvesters are few. Be ready and willing to be filled to overflowing with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, that you may be able to shine brightly, and be an over comer, and be an active participant of the greatest harvest of all times, and prospering in all your ways.”