Patiently wait to hear the Lords Voice RHEMA WORD (3/ 27 / 2014)

“Blessed is the person that patiently waits to hear My voice, revelation and guidance that comes to those who have ears to hear. The most critical coming time and season is coming, and your very life will depend on you having ears to hear, and eyes to see with discernment, understanding and wisdom.

Most of the world, or those not receptive to My communication will be confused, disoriented and lost as to what they should do. But those who are sensitive and receptive to Me, my voice, or whatever method of communicated I choose to use will hear, see and understand, and will act as leaders for many.

But there must be a commitment and a discipline of consistency, which is to be willing receive and communicate to others as a watchman on the wall. But it is not meant that only a few hear from Me, for scripture says that My sheep hear My voice and follow Me, and they won’t be lead astray by a stranger.

 Remember that confirmation is confirmed through numbers of saint’s in agreement with the same message, and also there is safety in numbers who also are mature in the faith and My ways. And to prevent pride from taking root, I desire to spread my revelation around as pieces of a puzzle, which will also become a blessing to many. That no single person may be high and lifted up a unique and above other mature saints.

For the Bride is not a single person should be an island unto himself as a primary authority, because My Church is a congregation, assembly, a unified body which is My body unified in power and authority together, which can accomplish great and mighty exploits. Those who are great in My kingdom are not dictators, but they are to be the servants of all, as Christ was.